Return Your Lease Vehicle at Pacifico and Unlock Your Equity

If your Ford lease is coming to an end, be sure to bring it to our Pacifico Ford dealership. We've found many customers have up to, or in some cases, more than $5,000 of equity in their vehicle. This process can be overwhelming, so to make it a little easier we have compiled a checklist of what you should do and what you need upon returning your vehicle to our dealership.


Before your vehicle is brought back to us at Pacifico Ford, an evaluation will be done for any excess (or chargeable) wear and use. Here are some things to consider about this evaluation:

  • Is there excess mileage
  • Broken or missing parts
  • Mechanical or electrical issues
  • Incorrect tires

If you want to further assess your Ford before its return, refer to Wear and Use. This will go into further detail on how your car should be upon its return.


To avoid receiving extra charges, make sure your vehicle is up to date on any repairs it may need. You can schedule a repair with our Pacifico Ford Service Center to know your vehicle is ready. When your service is all finished, be sure to keep your receipt to verify your repair.


To make sure your Ford lease return goes as smoothly as possible you should make sure all of your personal items are out of the vehicle. Check your glove box and center console, under the seats, and in the trunk for anything that belongs to you. Any of the items that came with the vehicle also needs to be returned including:

  • All keys/key fobs
  • Cargo covers and luggage crossbars
  • DVD player, headphones, and remote
  • Floor mats
  • Owners manual
  • Wheel rims on the vehicle at lease origination
  • Unique hybrid/electric vehicle items

When Your Ford Lease Is Up Contact Us at Pacifico Ford

When it is time to return your Ford lease, please contact us online. Our Pacifico Ford team can answer any questions you mayhave, schedule a return time, and help you decide on a new Ford vehicle to lease. At Pacifico Ford, we are proud to serve Fordshoppers from Pacifico, Broomall, and Glenolden.